January 16, 2015


In January 2014 I started the 2014 Fast with Free Chapel. Although we live in Kentucky we were believing that God would hear our prayers in this corporate Fast. To give God all the glory, my dad became very ill in mid-2014 and was put on life support for 21 days, non-responsive for about half that. Years of hard drinking had taken a toll on my dad and he was not a Christian, never giving his life over to God. But after over a month in the hospital, he awoke and slowly regained strength enough to go home. He called me one evening and made this statement of confession, “Son, I just wanted to tell you that I’m OK with the Lord.” This was a miracle in its self. My dad has not had a drink since July of 2014 and he gives all the credit for being here on earth to God and Prayer. He has been told by the doctors he has stage 4 liver disease because of years of abuse.! But God allowed him to come back in his right mind to give him the chance of a life time. No matter your struggle, God can and will give you a way out. Just pray and seek Him through it all… He is Faithful. Thanks to you Free Chapel for all your prayers and calls you have made to me in the past year and a half. Although I live 5 hours away, my wife and I consider you a big part in our walk with Christ. Thanks Pastor Jentezen for your vision, dreams and preaching…