January 25, 2014

Are You A Breadwinner?

Give us each day our daily bread. —Luke 11:3

Established in 1949, Lambert’s Café was known for good down-home cooking. But in 1976, it became Lambert’s Café: The Only Home of the Throwed Rolls. It seems that the proprietor, Norman Ray Lambert, was too busy one day to get more rolls to a customer’s table. Impatient to get his delicious, fresh-from-the-oven yeast roll, the customer yelled, “Oh just throw the darn thing.” So Norman obliged with a good toss, the customer caught the hot roll, and a trademark was born.

According to their web site, the bread ovens at Lambert’s blaze non-stop for the full 12 hour shift, turning out an average of 500 rolls every day, over 2.2 million rolls a year. When you visit one of their three locations, waiters come out all day long with trays of hot rolls, fresh from the oven, and begin slinging the 5-inch wide rolls through the air to waiting customers.

Most of us have heard the term “breadwinner” before, used in reference to the one who earned a living in the home. But I want to take it to a different level—who is the one who has the Bread of Life in your home? Moms, Dads, are you Breadwinners? Meaning, when your children feel sick, do they run to you and say, “Daddy … Mommy, pray for me. I know if you’ll just pray, God will touch me.” When they encounter difficult problems, do they come to you because you are the one with the Bread of Life at home?

Are you standing in the place of the Breadwinner in the eyes of your family so that they honor or respect you? Do they see your walk with God daily, so that they will ask you about the Bible and expect you to give them spiritual answers? Do they see their parents fussing and arguing daily or do they see you building each other up from the Word of God?

David meant it literally when he wrote, “I have not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his descendents begging bread” (Ps. 37:25). But I believe there is a spiritual side to that too. Your home should be so filled with the Bread of Life that your children don’t need to go elsewhere to get filled up.

Lambert’s Café serves great food in a fun atmosphere, but they got on the map because they decided to serve it up a little differently one day. God is calling us out of the routine! Break the mold. Take a few days to fast and pray. Ask the Lord to fill you again.

If Jesus Himself taught us to pray, “Give us each day our daily bread,” then He promises there is something more of God that we can have today that we did not have yesterday. There will be something fresh tomorrow, that today’s bread just won’t stretch to accommodate. Make up your mind to be a breadwinner and go after Him!

The Fasting Edge