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When Jesus Touches Your Coffin

October 27, 2019

Key Scripture

The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.-Romans 16:20



One of the definitions of a box is “coffin.” In the account of Luke 7, the woman lost her husband and her son. Her grief was enormous and the procession was heavy with sadness. But coming from the other direction was Jesus walking with people having a praise party. There is about to be a collision between your difficult times and the touch of Jesus. In the story, Jesus touched the dead boy and he lived. Jesus is about to touch the dead thing in YOUR life and bring it back to life. 


Key Points

1. When Jesus touches the lost things, you can get back what was taken from you. You can get back what the enemy has stolen. If your child has been taken captive by the things of the world, with one touch of Jesus, you child can be set free. Jesus is about to touch the coffin of your child.


2. God can destroy the box of the enemy. Boxes are containers for something to be hemmed into a small place with a top on it. There are boxes in all areas in life. We box God and our lives in small places. We stop reaching and we stop growing, and we settle in places we were only meant to pass through. God is bigger. Your purpose is bigger.


3. Your box can become a coffin. Break out before it’s too late. Don’t settle. There is no limit in Jesus. We need to stop wishing for the good old days.


4. We try to confine God to a box to fit our own comfort level. The God we serve will not be confined to a religious box. When we make all these rules for God—what He can and cannot do—we give a false view of God. He is God and He will NOT be confined to the box of your understanding.


5. Some people put their finances in a box and refuse to tithe. You only limit yourself when you refuse to tithe. God wants to open the windows of heaven, but He is limited by your own pride and lack of faith.


6. You can’t put Jesus in a Sunday-only box. You can’t put Him in a box the rest of the week. We have to stop playing church on Sundays and putting him back in the box when you leave the church premises.


7. Don’t let the enemy put YOU in boxes where you do not belong. The devil wants to put you in boxes of shame, depression, condemnation, despair … but those are not your home. Those are not your future.


8. The very thing that caused your shame can be broken at the feet of Jesus and turned into worship. Jesus paid for your sin. You no longer have to be enslaved to your past mistakes; lay it all down at the feet of Jesus.


9. When Jesus touches your coffin, the box can’t hold you. If you break the box of limitation, you bruise Satan’s head.


10. Repentance breaks open the box of your past. Jesus has a future for you and all things are possible!



Final Thoughts

If the enemy has you in a box, it is a box of your own making. Remove the lid and break out. Believe now for more than enough, for abundance, for increase! God says that He loves to bless His people. Ask for favor for it is your inheritance. Favor will do for you in one day what years of striving could not produce. Do not let limitation hold you down any longer.


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