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Connection Questions

Interview with Mike Evans

November 09, 2018


Acts 1:8


God doesn’t reject broken people; He restores them. He gives them purpose. Dr. Evans endured relentless abuse from his so-called Christian alcoholic father. He was taught to hate Christians by his Jewish mother. From the years of pain and fear, Jesus called Dr. Evans to an amazing ministry to the Jewish people in Jerusalem.

Key Points

Dr. Mike Evans is the founder of Friends of Zion, a ministry with a mission to bless the Jewish people.
Dr. Evans was abused throughout his childhood.
At one of the lowest points of his life, Jesus called him.
Friends of Zion now works to provide food, clothing, and housing to Holocaust survivors in Jerusalem.
If God can use someone as broken as Dr. Evans, He can also use you.

Connection Questions

Dr. Evans’s father influenced his mother’s opinion about Christians. What influence does your life have on how others view Christians?
What would you tell someone who feels too broken to be used by God?
Dr. Evans’s life changed because he encountered Jesus. How has your life changed by encountering Jesus?
“Perfect love casts out all fear” (1 John 4:18). How does this verse apply to Dr. Evans’s story? How does it apply to your story?

Final Thoughts

Nothing is wasted. Everything we go through serves a purpose. God took the pain and abuse in Dr. Evans experienced and turned it into a ministry bringing comfort and peace to thousands of people. God specializes and restoration and renewal. What He did for Dr. Evans, He will also do for you.


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