21 Day Fast

Daily Fasting Video - Day 14

January 23, 2021

Be inspired each day of your fast with a personal message from Jentezen Franklin. Pastor Franklin brings these timely words of encouragement directly from the cherished Holy Land of Israel. Your journey of fasting is a choice — but it's also obedience to God's Word. Watch daily to find the strength and courage you need to see your fast through to the end!


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account_circle Cynthia Meyer


account_circle Tania Boteju


account_circle Pamela Nolley

Hi im doing the 21 day fast and i would like to say i am seeing the movement of God in my life he is showing me so much favor with my debt that i put myself in he is making a way for me to have favor shown. I was avoiding the calls but i felt it in my spirit to answer them now and on the other end of that call i know its God because favor is spoken out the mouths of the debt collectors. Thenk you Jesus. Im also asking for healing for my sick disable daughter that has a condition that the doctors speak of but i know God is everyrhing we need so im standing in agreement for her healing in this fast. In Jesus name i pray. Amen

account_circle Jylina Edwards

Thank you Jesus

account_circle Evelyn Green

Thank you Lord for this fast 14 days clean and sober.

account_circle Evelyn Green

thank you Lord for this fast