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Every child deserves a chance

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

This year, over 700,000 children entered the U.S. with no parents and nowhere to turn. Many become victims of human trafficking.

Broken Families

Broken Families

Many children today are in dysfunctional and even physically or sexually abusive families. Many are fatherless. Sadly, the children are the ones who suffer most.

Children in Peril

Children in Peril

Many teens struggle with addiction, mental health disorders, bullying, teen pregnancy, or criminal behaviors. Who will help them find their way?

We’re called to the front line in the fight for children.

Who could turn their back on a child in danger? Too many children today are in precarious situations. They need an advocate. They need someone to stand in the gap and provide help and hope. That’s why we are partnering with Youth for Tomorrow to rescue at-risk children. Youth for Tomorrow provides outpatient and even residential help to children who cannot help themselves. Because the need is great, we are committed to building a brand-new dorm on the Youth for Tomorrow campus. With your help, we can make this dream a reality for children with nowhere else to turn.

We’re called to the front line in the fight for children. We’re called to the front line in the fight for children.
We’re called to the front line in the fight for children. We’re called to the front line in the fight for children.

He is a father to the fatherless…

Psalm 68:5

We cannot ignore the plight of helpless children.

Imagine the fear of a child who is abused, alone, and powerless. Then imagine what it would mean to have someone reach out and offer compassion and rescue. We have the power to be that someone.

Would you prayerfully consider sowing a gift to help these fatherless children? Your generosity will change lives in this generation, and for generations to come.

Reach out and Rescue a child in peril

We are partnering with Youth For Tomorrow to offer residential treatment for girls and boys forced across the borders of the United States without parents and in some cases victims of human trafficking. More than 150 residential, therapeutic and education staff provide professional services to the 100+ children including residential treatment and supervision, case management, clinical services, nursing services and education in our state and regionally accredited secondary school.  A third of YFT staff are bilingual in Spanish and English. 

Our Plan

Together with Youth For Tomorrow our goal is to support treatment while maintaining a level of safety that creates an environment of trust.  The home-like setting, and large, open spaces filled with natural light help alleviate the institutional quality often associated with programs featuring this level of intensity and security.

All residents receive: Family Reunification 30-day Assessment Program Daily Care and Nurturing 24-hour awake staff Academic and Psychological testing Social History Medical Care and Dental Care Psychiatry & Counseling (Individual and Family) Recreation Program Transportation Services Spiritual Guidance Weekly Program Assessments